AUP (Acoustics Utility Program)
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The AUP is a spreadsheet based software suite with 10 seperate components each designed to perform a different series of calculations. The software is geared toward ease of use, with a main menu that connects the modules with a user friendly interface that makes switching modules easy. Click the thumbnail at left to enlarge.

  • Module 1: Adding Decibels
  • Module 2: Subtracting Decibels
  • Module 3: Fan/Pump Characteristics
  • Module 4: Noise Criteria
  • Module 5: Sound Attenuator Performance
  • Module 6: Duct Breakout Calculation
  • Module 7: Average Absorption Coefficient
  • Module 8: Sound Power Level to Sound Pressure Level (5 sub-modules)
  • Module 9: Sound Pressure Level to Sound Power Level (5 sub-modules)
  • Module 10: Calculation of Sones
Modules 8 and 9 are each broken down into 5 sub-modules. Each sub-module is for a different environment. The example to the right is for converting Sound Power Levels to Sound Pressure Levels for a point source outdoors. Click the thumbnail at right to enlarge.