FANPWL4w v1.1 for Windows
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FANPWL4w is a one-of-a-kind standalone application designed to predict the sound output of an AHU (Air Handling Unit) before it is built. The algorithms necessary for this type of calculation are extremely complex, and cannot be done "by hand".

This software is customized before it is shipped to each individual user and programmed with the company name, wall type data, and sound trap data that user requires. The program can accept custom sound trap information, but it is far simpler to have the sound trap specifications pre-programmed.
FANPWL4w requires a great deal of input data including dimensions, wall type data, fan types and sizes, and supply and/or return air sound trap specifications. The user interface for inputting all this data is broken down into pages, much like those of a web page. FANPWL4w features a series of error-checking routines that are designed to catch as many input errors as possible, and notify the user where the error was made. FANPWL4w also allows the user to save their input data for future use and/or modification. Once complete, the final output data can be easily printed as shown at right.
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